Last Saturday, I went out with some friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. Of course, a cake was in order; and it came from no other than The Hob & Rack Bakery. First, we went to see Tyler Perry's, 'Madea's Christmas', which was mega funny. And after all that laughing, we had to have a late evening nosh-up. We got take-a-ways and ended up at one of our friend's homes; and after eating, it was time for the cake.

To cut a long story short, it was mixed reviews. The birthday girl didn't hate it altogether, but she wasn't all gaga either. There was another cake that our host had in the fridge: a regular butter and eggs cake, and the birthday girl preferred that because she likes what she calls the 'fluff' of cakes. I understand what she means and appreciated the feedback. Incidentally, when I tasted the other cake, it made me realize that you can indeed train your taste buds to like or dislike certain things because it was a nice cake but I really didn't like it because it's been a while now since I have moved away from either making or consuming cakes after that fashion.

Our host and her husband reckoned it tasted like bun (those of you who are Jamaican will know what that is.) It's not exactly a compliment, even though they said it was a very nice bun; but I admit I had to agree with them. We all agreed that there was too much cinnamon. I'm really not a great fan of cinnamon either, but with this cake I had used the full amount that the original recipe called for. It was the first time I did that, and now my note to self is: 'Do NOT do it again!'

Our host didn't mind the taste either, except that she hates raisins, so she picked all hers out. But she liked it better than she liked the traditional cake because, unlike the birthday girl, she's not a traditional cakey person. She kept a slice to have the following day as she said she would be better able to assess it in the broad light of day when all the night's random nibblings would have passed through her system. 

Again, long story short: the following day she phoned me after church to say she woke up very early that Sunday and sent her husband downstairs to get her some food. And, yes, you guessed: it was the Hob & Rack cake slice. Her verdict: "Joy, I can understand why you end up eating a whole half a cake in one go! It tasted so much better this morning! Yes, I will definitely have one for me and one for my mum." From me: big smile. (And now you see why I have to go healthy on cakes - once I start cutting, I am inclined not to stop until just crumbs are left.)

The birthday girl also phoned, and it seems she wants cake, but she wants some amount of 'fluff' added. Luckily, there are several ways to do that, and of course, for her, I will do anything. And I am sure there will be other Hob & Rack cake eaters like her who will simply want that bit of 'fluffiness' added. There are gradations along the healthy cake eating continuum. It doesn't have to be 100% full on vegan, no fat cake. A little 'fluff' can certainly be added for those who demand it because at the end of the day, here at the Hob & Rack Bakery, your health and pampering your palate are equally important to us.

So it seems that I may have a little inner circle of tasters at the ready for future developments. But for right now, it's off to fill these next two orders. I know at least two people, then, who will be able to eat their cake and have it this Christmas!

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