Life is not a straight trajectory, but rather, a series of twists and turns, and ins and outs; ups and downs, and round-a-bouts; intermingled with a few starts and stops, and even some seemingly backward steps. It's all perfectly natural, though, and a healthy part of growth and development, as long as we know how to respond appropriately to changing circumstances.

On my journey, I have discovered that with all of life's changes, a few principles (four in actual fact) have impacted my life and remained with me, helping to shape my direction for the future. I use these principles in much the same way, I guess, as I use the wholesome and delicious cake recipes that I have adapted for my new venture - The Hob & Rack Bakery.

The first principle is my faith in Jesus Christ. Perhaps it's my age, but these days I'm beginning to understand in a very real way what Solomon meant when he said, "all is vanity and a chasing after wind." If we have no one higher than ourselves to look to, then we are merely existing, and to what purpose? Indeed the Bible speaks truth when it says, "If in this life only we have hope [in Christ], we are of all men most miserable."

The second principle is the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. A holistic, healthy lifestyle, which for me means paying attention to several things, including exercise, rest, and in particular, maintaining a healthy diet. Last Christmas, my nephew, who was only eight at the time, bought me a copy of best selling author, Harvey Diamond's book, Fit For Life - A New Beginning. Harvey outlines some useful principles in his book, but I seem to remember reading in it that above everything else, it is through improving  your diet that you can make the most positive impact on your health. That book is one of the best presents that anyone has ever given me.

I have always been particular about my diet: as much as possible eliminating processed foods in favour of natural foods, or foods packaged with natural ingredients, and no additives and no preservatives, or at least as few as possible. Eating natural foods also ensures that I consume many low fat foods, or foods containing healthy fats; low sugar foods, or foods containing unrefined sugars; and low salt foods, without the overload of sodium. And while I am not vegan, I only eat eggs if I can verify that they have been produced without the use of growth hormones; the same for meat, and if I can verify that it has been grass fed. 

I am particular about the cookware I use, though I still haven't been able to treat myself to Salad Master's brilliant titanium pots.

My latest explorations have been into the world of the blood type diet, pioneered by Dr. Peter D'Adamo. I won't weary you too much with this, but suffice to say, blood type dieting makes logical sense to me.

The third principle is entrepreneurship, and linked in with that, the idea of social entrepreneurship. (click here for an example of how social entrepreneurship can work in practice) Out with the concept of the 9-5 corporate rat race, and in with the vision of building a highly profitable business, doing something I love, that makes a difference in people's lives, that thrives on creativity and makes me want to spring out of bed in the mornings. Since I love to eat, and most people do, and since healthy living is one of my goals, what better for me to do than to establish a business that caters to the pampering of people's palates, while at the same time providing them with a real food, healthy snack option? And so the Hob & Rack Bakery was conceived. It's the healthy options bakery delivering rather appetizing cakes with a kick! A tad corny, perhaps, but that's what it is for now, unless my valued customers say otherwise.

The fourth thing, and it's less of a principle, but more something I have a penchant for, is writing. The world would be such a dull place without writers, that kooky brand of artists who paint beautiful pictures using words, mirroring our humanity and experiences with pieces that can be every bit as delicious as a wholesome slice of cake. I have to complete my real novel in 2014, but here's one of those kooky writer ideas: in the meantime I could serialize a bakery novel on this blog. I think it would be a great way to instill some writing discipline into my routine.

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